Astoria, Oregon

At the Goonies house

This weekend I worked at two farmer’s markets – Saturday in Longview, Washington, and Sunday in Astoria, Oregon, which was especially exciting! I had been wanting to go to Astoria, and this was a great opportunity. I was there as a vendor with the farm I was at, which is always a bonus. The Astoria market is a big market – many arts & crafts vendors along with a few farm stands; though I believe we were the only organic farm stand.  There was a live band, a food court, and three blocks of miscellaneous vendors.


After the market, we went to the local restaurant called Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe to sell them some produce, and we met Karmen, who was so nice!  She offered us some very delicious dinner (and a kombucha – bonus!), and hung out with us. Very genuine and charming (ahem – and beautiful) woman.


After dinner, we drove around town to check out a few sights – one of them was the Astoria Column, which had a beautiful view from the top.  Of course, I had to run the entire way up (but walked up the second time up).  You can see the harbor where the Columbia River meets the Pacific, the Astoria-Megler Bridge – the longest continuous truss bridge (in America?  In the world?  I’m reading both).  Some hippie people found a paper airplane and asked me to throw it off the top, but the flight was pretty disappointing. The plane just spiraled straight to the bottom.  The artwork on the column tells a great story (which can be found in more detail at the Astoria Column homepage).

(If you look closely, you can see me at the top of the column waving to the camera) 

Some of the other sights we checked out were exciting to see, as they’re significant locations from one of my favorite movies as a kid – The Goonies! I went to the jail from the opening scene, which also had the same jeep with the bullet holes, saw the pizzeria where Chunk was playing video games when the police chase passed by, and best of all, I was at the actual house where they filmed – which is a real house owned by someone. They’re used to having tourists come by to take pictures. Yay Goonies! I wanted to go see Haystack Rock, but that was too far of a drive down Oregon.  The county jail in the movie used to be a real jail, which is now a museum, where the Goonies jeep is parked in front of.


At the Saturday market, there was a dog show across the street, where all the dogs were barking and howling.  I can imagine how boring and awful the show must be.  This guy was walking his wiener-looking dog across the street, I don’t remember what breed it was.

A great trip to Astoria, and a beautiful town!


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